Why New York Life?

About New York Life

The tradition of conservative investment management practices and the ability to meet customer need has built a company that people can trust with their finances and their futures. New York Life is completely dedicated to maintaining its position as both a leader among insurance companies and a major force in the insurance and financial services industry. By staying true to the principles of prudent expansion, conservative growth, full service and, above all, a strong field force, New York Life will maintain and enhance its reputation.

Full Range of Products and Services

With the variety of insurance and financial products offered by New York Life and its subsidiaries, agents will be able to help their clients meet any number of insurance and financial goals. To give them the competitive edge, we're constantly developing new products that satisfy the changing needs of our clients.

Opportunities for Advancement

After serving as a sales agent for at least two years, some agents may even qualify to enter management. A New York Life agent has more career choices than can be imagined. It's an opportunity for an agent to be in business for themselves, but never by themselves.

Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V/SO/GI

Agent Opportunities

When an agent offers insurance or financial products, they're not merely selling products, they're developing relationships. Agent's relationship with their customers, as well as the trust customers place both in the agent and in the products offered, are critical components to an agent's ultimate success. Agents provide very intimate services in the insurance and financial marketplace. They meet with and know their clients on a personal level. The responsibilities of an agent include: contacting new people, meeting with them and fact-finding to gather necessary information regarding their present situation, providing analysis of situations and, ultimately, presenting solutions that help meet objectives.

High Earning Potential

Sales agents will have the ability to set their own pace and establish their own income objectives. As a New York Life agent, an individual is the master of his or her own career path.

Generous Benefits Package

Not only do we boast an outstanding incentive commission program, we also offer excellent medical and dental benefits for which agents and their families may qualify. We even offer company reimbursement for selected programs leading to industry designations and degrees.

Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V/SO/GI

Training & Support

At New York Life, we take sales training seriously. Even if agents don't have previous experience in selling, our multi-dimensional training program - NYLIC University - can point them to success. We'll also keep agents informed about the most sophisticated computer equipment and software packages.

Once they are established in their careers, we offer ongoing workshops and programs to improve their knowledge of the business. Full time management personnel and professional trainers are also there for support in each of our local offices.

Sales Training and Career Development

If an applicant is selected to join New York Life, they'll make a commitment to the Company, but the Company will also make a commitment to them. With New York Life, agents embark on a lifetime of learning and professional development through comprehensive training in insurance and financial services.

Professional development occurs through NYLIC University. It's a program designed to train and develop agents throughout their sales careers. The first phase is Career Development School, during which agents will begin the process of getting their insurance licenses. Agents will receive a full introduction to products and selling skills, including how to develop a client base.

After an initial six months of sales training, agents will spend two years in the Associate Program, an intensive experience that's focused on life insurance marketing, product selling, and technical knowledge. Upon completion, they'll be on their way to developing expertise in a selected area in the workplace or in the personal market, addressing individual needs.

The next level of NYLIC University is the School of Professional Development, which offers specialized courses combining class instruction with self-study. New York Life strongly encourages its agents to make a commitment to lifetime learning. For this reason the Company provides tuition reimbursement to Agents and Registered Representatives upon completion of certain industry courses.

As a sales career develops, agents may wish to move into management. The Company is structured to support them in reaching this goal. Many of today's senior executives began their careers as sales agents in the field.

Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V/SO/GI

Current Opportunities

For a prospective hire, a company’s culture, reputation, profitability, product innovation, and benefits are among the many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right company to work for. And, if selling life insurance is a passion, then there’s no better place to work than New York Life Westchester. When an agent becomes one of our Financial Professionals, they're part of an extensive career agency system. That means we provide agents with all the guidance, support, and resources they'll need to do what they do best: serving their clients’ needs. From our outstanding training program to our robust compensation package, there are so many reasons to join New York Life’s team of Financial Professionals at the Westchester General Office.

Listed below are career opportunities available at our office.

College Agent Internship

We are seeking individuals who are:

  • Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students
  • GPA of 2.0 of higher
  • Interested in being an entrepreneur
  • Involved on campus in student organizations, athletics or involved in their communities

Here's what we ask of you:

  • Time: 10 to 20 hours per week, schedule permitting
  • Positive Attitude: A willingness to learn and a desire to excel
  • Integrity: Respect a tradition that has existed since 1845
  • Reliability: Attend all scheduled meeting and training sessions

The rewards are more fulfilling than you could imagine – it's more than an experience and a paycheck.

As a licensed College Agent, you will have the ability to make a lasting impact on your client's lives by helping them set and reach their important financial goals.

You may help:

  • Young parents provide financial security for their children should something happen to them unexpectedly.
  • Business owners save for retirement and protect the business they have spent a lifetime building.
  • People like your parents plan for the likelihood of extended care for an illness, while protecting the assets they have worked so hard to accumulate.

You will make this impact by:

  • Scheduling appointments and meeting with potential clients
  • Analyzing the information you gather
  • Making product recommendations/sales to help them meet their insurance and financial goals

Most important, you will provide ongoing service and support to these policyholders. As your client's needs and goals change, you'll help them adjust their financial goals to meet these changing needs.

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The Opportunity: We will assist agents in building their own Insurance and Financial Services practice with our help. We provide tremendous training resources and financial support to help them build their business.

Description of Activities and Responsibilities: Licensed agents will be responsible for scheduling appointments, meeting with clients, analyzing clients’ information, making product recommendations and providing ongoing service. Agents work in the personal and business markets. They can help clients meet their insurance, estate, retirement and benefit needs through the insurance and financial products they offer.

Requirements: We require highly motivated individuals who are willing to invest their time and energy into creating profitable and rewarding careers. We have a preference for individuals who are bi- or tri-lingual, as well as those with a 4-year college degree (not necessarily in business, marketing or insurance). Some of the qualities of an agent that we look for include:

  • Independent: A successful New York Life Agent thrives in an environment of independence, structured largely by his or her own initiative, ambition and resourcefulness. A New York Life Agent enjoys being an entrepreneur within a solid enterprise.
  • Ambitious: A successful New York Life Agent recognizes the serioius responsibility that is assumed when he or she helps people to provide for their insurance protection and financial security.
  • Responsible: A successful New York Life Agent recognizes the serioius responsibility that is assumed when he or she helps people to provide for their insurance protection and financial security.
  • Progressive: A successful New York Life Agent welcomes new challenges in a constantly changing environment and develops new concepts to help people to address changing insurance and financial needs.
  • Caring: Very simply, a successful New York Life Agent likes people and enjoys being around them. People play a major role in the life of a New York Life Agent, and New York Life Agents are trusted confidants.

Training: At New York Life, we take training seriously. We offer state of the art marketing support and extensive ongoing training through NYLIC University. Not only will agents be trained through our NYLIC University program, but also through local Managers and full-time Trainers who are extremely proficient in teaching the knowledge and skills needed to get off to a fast start.

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The Opportunity: Being considered for a direct path to Partner is only available to those individuals with peer companies in the financial services industry. We are looking for someone who is currently serving in a role where their primary function is attract, select, develop and retain quality agents in their life insurance/financial services firm. The true opportunity here is to begin a leadership career where the requirements for each promotion opportunity are documented and objective. While staying located here in Westchester, there is a clear path to being promoted to Senior Partner and Executive Partner.

Description of Activities and Responsibilities: As a Partner, we build on existing industry experience with robust training. Partners attract, select, develop and retain 8-12 new advisors a year. They must build systems to generate strong candidate pipelines to support agency growth. Partners must have expertise in conducting joint sales appointments with their advisors, as well as coaching skills to help their advisors grow in their careers.

Requirements: Partner candidates must have a successful track record of recruiting, developing and retaining advisors. We look for candidates that have shown the capacity to build an agency and drive premium growth through recruiting and retention. We look for professionals with a track record of modeling our corporate values of Integrity, Financial Strength and Humanity.

Training: At New York Life, we take training seriously. We offer state of the art marketing support and extensive ongoing training through NYLIC University. Not only will management be trained through our NYLIC University program, but also through local Managers and full-time Trainers who are extremely proficient in teaching the knowledge and skills needed to get off to a fast start. In addition to Agent training, our Partners participate in comprehensive Management and Leadership Development programs which are career-long. We also encourage Partners to obtain their professional designations through our partnership with the American College.

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Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V/SO/GI

Career Research

By becoming a sales agent at the New York Life Westchester General Office, you will help families plan to achieve the financial security they need and desire. You will also make a significant contribution to the community - and when you see the difference you can make, it's more fulfilling than you might imagine. Browse through the below library of documents that will help you learn more about starting a career at New York Life.


Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V/SO/GI